About us

We are a team of trained people with a passion for technology, with over a decade of experience, providing solutions for the national and regional technological market. We have a vast network of contacts in different areas: Importers, Resellers, Retailers, Brands, Press and Communication.

Our Mission

We intend to provide efficient and innovative solutions for technological and entertainment needs, stay at the forefront, and become a referent for the national and international technological sector, being an excellent investment for our partners.

We know firsthand:

  • The daily experience of dealing with the general public, from a counter.
  • The satisfaction of having met the expectation of an event for 100, 1,000 and 10,000 people.
  • The amount of interviews needed to choose the best salesperson, manager or receptionist.
  • The daily challenges of the buyer to reach the ideal point between product, price and term.
  • The amount of hours which are necessary to prepare a realistic sales forecast.
  • The pressure a salesperson has to meet their monthly sales goal.
  • The satisfaction of closing THE deal of the year after long hours and tough negotiations.

  • Our Products
    We´ve developed this events!

    Production and Coordination of Ekoparty 15th (2019) (2019)

    Social Media Manager: LocosxlaPlay EN (2019)

    10 Year Cinema Event: Ventana Sur - INCAA (2018)

    Buenos Aires Games 2018 (2018)

    46 Argentine Congress of Respiratory Medicine (2018)

    Stand and Contents for Arenas Game at ACC (2017)

    Marketing Production for Arenas Game at AGS (2017)

    eSports Tournament - Velez Sarsfields (2017)

    Tech Column at Radio Delta 90.3 (2017)

    Tecnofields VI (EN) (2016)

    Tecnofields V EN (2015)

    Tecnofields 2013 (2013)



    They trusted in Circulo IT:

    • Activision Inc
    • Adata Inc
    • AMD Inc
    • Asrock Inc
    • Asus Inc
    • Axeso 5 Inc
    • Compumundo Inc
    • DLink Inc
    • ESET Inc
    • EVGA Inc
    • GX Gaming Inc
    • Gygabyte Inc
    • HyperX Inc
    • Intel Inc
    • Kingston Inc
    • Konami Inc
    • MSI Inc
    • NVidia Inc
    • NZXT Inc
    • Seagate Inc
    • Thermaltake Inc
    • Viewsonic Inc
    • Western Digital Inc
    • Wolox Inc
    • XBOX Inc


    Contact us!

    Contact info:

    Angel Brozman
    Commercial Manager
    54119+ 4563 2769
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Jorge Brozman
    54119+ 769 4015
    Buenos Aires, Argentina